Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Crab Cakes,
first entry in to the Second Journal for the MYM project.  I really have to work on letting go of the perfections that comes along side of creating.   I have been presenting teaching and show my work now for over 14 years and the habit of presenting it has out weighed the simple act of creating for the joy of seeing what will happen when you place one thing next to the other and decide one choice over the other...the thing is you can always go over it and that's how the image of the Crab worked into the this piece also I was planning on having salmon spread on a multi grain pita for lunch so my mind was in that area of water creature any ways..  also I had some of the color that the crab was already on the page from the left over tape cutting from the small abstract landscapes so what do you do with them..?  Slap them down on the page.. a first connection.

Second one  I'm making the connection with the html system of the website...learning the ropes as you would say and my dyslexia rear her feverish head at me in times like this and makes it frustrating but I did get all my 13 moons on line under art, in the sidebar series and now I need to add some more to that..and update the other events.. but I'm making the connection...

My walk this morning was wonderful the leaves were falling like huge snowflakes the smells and sounds are all around you..I was witness to a Great Horned Owl flying over..The wisdom in the darkness and the change of one life to the next is upon me.. Then the Thunderbeings came and rolled in slowly with their awsomeness. I was able to finish my fake tai chi stretching before I leave and made it to the van before the down pour came... timing is every thing..
Whelp, time to go do up to the studio...all 10 new abstracts landscapes are framed and wrapped and read for which every direction there headed. 


  1. Very cool, Laura! I love the crab, well Frank's horoscope is Cancer the crab so maybe there's something there.The crab really glows from the background. Just talking to Barb today about the journal project. Sounds so fun and what a way to connect. I look forward to seeing the journals as they progress. So glad you are posting them here.
    Keep having fun!

  2. Oh, I need to start my journal! Not as much pperfectionism as time available! Nice entry!

  3. thanks ladies just feels good to let go..and use it like it should be used as a way to freely experience..NO UGLY Critiques ALLOWED...


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