Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Conference at Ed Hoy's

I'm so grateful I have time...well till Monday that is to give a yes or no answer to what was discussed yesterday while I was at Ed Hoy's International.   The company is about glass, stained, iridescent, swirls of color used for fusing and lamp work and so much more that I'm still in a fog by it all.  The biggest warehouse full of glass...I made the stupid comment that the warehouse is bigger then Sam's club...but really it is.  I was asked to think this over and see if I want to be part of a huge project..about 15 glass artist including Gloria Badiner.
I have to admit fear jumped in but I picked out of my cup in the morning the little slogan...Keep an Open fitting for the day.. I guess they would like me to be head this up with Gloria,  and share my experience with composition...(OMGosh...I can't believe this...feeling very cautious about it all)  so I'm thinking and trying not to think to hard about it all...I had to go to my studio and work on something...I did a little picking up and and gave the last coat of polymer before I varnish to my #5 piece of the faceless people series and then I started on the 12 canvases I prepared many months ago.. which I wanted to put into motion less it more concept and I finished one...and I like it very much..
Faceless people series-Joy741 (filling the bucket)  16 x 16 Cradle board.

Stacking Rocks,12 x 12 collage on canvas
Inspired by another artist work and the past weekend in Door County, which I spent most of my time combing the lake shoreline for smooth rocks..Came across a beach that someone had stacked rocks there before us and I was just there to witness it.  Materials, Stained tissue papers, white lunch bags, re purposed with gesso and acrylics, fused on and then acrylic applied to enhance the individual shapes of the papers.

So I want to make some more papers and do another Faceless people one I thought that 5 was the limit but I've been bombarded with more that needs to come out and on the cradle boards...

I'm just thankful I don't have to make a decision today if I'm going to be part of the Ed Hoy artist...this all has to come together by July...with workshops I have set and I'm a bit overwhelmed but on with the day.. a list a mile long.. I want to get to the woods too and introduce Hank to them..


  1. OOOH! So anxious to hear what the opportunity is!

  2. Great you keep the well open for new opportunities. Seems the universe is cooperating nicely too. Sounds unique. Also love seeing hints of rock sculptures in your creation here. Your energy is amazing!

  3. I don't get as much time to visit your blog as I used to but when I do its like coming home :)

    Regarding Ed Hoy's International, you will know what is right for you when the time comes. Just keep trusting your instincts. I can't wait to learn more about it.

    Hank is just gorgeous and I can't wait to hear about his first walk in the woods. I'm sure his puppyness will bring you lots of happiness.

    Your new work 'Less is More' is just beautiful. The textures are so subtle it makes you look deeper so as to be sure not to miss anything.


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