Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Behind the Screen and Tackling the Tuesdays List

No not on the screen..but behind it...

I watch my daughter whiz though things at lightening speed..I'm in awe, I would like to be able to understand it some day but in the mean time I'm understand the fragments of it all but just enough to get by and then a little more. I've not master what she has taught me by far...Oh no...lets say I fell in the pot holes of computer land and hope she can look at what I did and can pull me out..but it's empowering even though I've strayed from the main directions I'm learning and this gals set in some way but I'm stubborn to learn...I just want to get it NOW!...I gave it a test run with two images added to the website but didn't success.. determinations and persistent will get me there. 

In the mean time I was able to almost finish my 10 new small abstracts landscapes but need to now put the strap hangers and wire on and they are read to go...I need to get back to the faceless people series...I feel a bit of fear seeping in the longer I say way from a series I fear of losing the connection between them. I know this isn't true but its important to listen to the tugging going on and not to ignore it...if I do I'll be lashing out at the people I love the most because of my inner frustration of not creating what is calling to me..

The ideas that are swirling around in the head to come up I'm feeling need to be put the list of do to..it's important to me to keep to the idea schedule..just as all the other things on the list to do..Yes I'm thinking out loud and carrying on a inner talk with myself but it's important to stay on schedule and track...I see what happens when I do and I so enjoy the accomplishment that comes.. So with all the ramblings I'm going to get a walk in early and tackle the Tuesday's list.

Side note:
In the new used book I'm reading now it ask you to ask yourself this in the morning and see what comes up.
What do I really, really, really want? You have to say really, really, really, otherwise you won't believe it.. Elizabeth Gilbert

So what is it that I want to really really really want to do..I really, really, really want to make some great progress with visual journaling...I'm finding the book the shape of it and holding in my hands great comfort. and the more character it has the better the stimulation with it.  I really, really, really want to let go of the need to make a product with it...and allow it to just be a source of personal comfort..

wow that's surprising..hmmm... direction is rearing it head at me.. but I also have so many other directions I want to fall into... that it's hard to let myself do it...

Rambling but good ones to look at.. Off with the day to bust the groove things and Happy Birthday to my Cousin..My art buddy and friend..Doris Lein.  We will be taking a road trip in a few weekends and I can wait..I want to take her to the pebble beach so we can collect a few smooth ones...bring your bucket girl!

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  1. I'll bring my bucket! How much weight can the tires take?


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