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Monday, October 04, 2010

1/2 Day- Day 3 of the Collage Workshop at Naperville Art League

Only two student were able to make it back on the 3rd day for a time to put it all into practice and to reassure what was taught...They all did so well.  Think they surprised themselves.  Some beautiful works came from this weekend.
Each time I teach the workshops I like to give a different size format to work with, as of the substrates are just 140 lb. watercolor paper and the sizes were 9 x 9 and I added the abstract landscapes...which is the easiest of the two but I show that last...Don't want anyone getting caught in one direction and not able to learn a little about composition which for me is a life long journey..

Well I need to add one of the students blogs as she's very inspiring herself..   http://petalsoffriendship.blogspot.com/  you can get a closer look at her works she produced in the workshop..

Now for a new week to start.....

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