Friday, September 03, 2010

Opening of the 3rd Annual Outdoor Studio Exhibit Day 1 Sept 3rd

I fretted most of the day rambling to who ever would listen but mainly it was my buddy Carl..faithful mixed breed recuse terrier...he really loves it that he can come in the front yard now as of with our beloved Louie gone he's all alone and a bit better listener then Louie he gets the special treatment.  It had rain till about 10:00 in the morning yesterday, then I couldn't stand it any more, I had to start getting things ready.. so I back up my van and unloaded the display panels and the about 4:00ish when the husband came home all wet and muddy we decided to go out for Dinner...We're trying to get our Thursday Night dinner things going again so it was a much needed break from my fretting and futzing around...

 Unbelievable at the weather temp this morning, I'm not complaining one bit..I'm a fall and winter babe with Spring coming in a third and Summer last..Funny how that is I was born in the summer.. Well..rambling there.. I was able to put out a few pieces of art in the one big tent, was scared to put anything else out as of we were to get some nasty thunder beings coming throw and I wouldn't want anything to happen..So all is save and ready for today..I'll be heading out soon to set up the little signage in the neighborhood and get my butt back to haul out the art and my demo stuff...I used the part of the afternoon making up some nice salad dishes for the girls and I, I've also got some chili too so if some get a bit chilled and need a warmer they've got that..
No Day but Today... time to bust a move and get the body rolling.. the fun starts at 10:00 but I'm sure I'll have a few early birds thinking it's a garage sale...nope not at this's An Outdoor Studio Exhibit!!Wahoo!!!

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  1. Lots of work you did! Wonderful!


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