Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Marketing the 3rd Outdoor Studio Exhibit

When is enough? enough..don't know so I'll keep the marketing going. Today I'll be going throw the artwork and the house getting that in order..well that's a plan and maybe when things let up a bit here and there I'll pull out the tents and at lest set them up and weight them down.. then it might have to be early Friday morning..not in my plans but have to work with the weather... But so grateful for the cool weekend coming upon us..

I received some more news that I have a spot for exhibiting in Nov and Dec in Aurora at a Restaurant called 33 West Trattoria I hung there a while back with the Aurora Art Walk.  it's a very nice little place, but what is great is the hanging artist friend of mine is in charge of getting artist for the place and she set them up with a system and it makes it so nice.. so can't help but move forward. 

Things are coming in left and right for the last two Fine Art Fairs coming up.. I was thinking maybe since there close to home I might try setting up my old papermaking hut which is one of the tents that do take a bit if time to set up. Test it out for myself as to how long and how well I can do with it on my own..Oh I do it here at the house but I end up taking my dear sweet time with it.. no pressures to get in and get out..or you blocking my path etc with your vehicle...

So off I go checking the list and accomplishing some major tasks..feel good work..getting paid would feel even better but that day comes always unexpected and with much gratitude..

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  1. Lots of work before you there! Good to hear of restaurant exhibit!


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