Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just a Good Tuesday morning

Shuffling things around I ended up meeting all my boxes on the list with a check...feels pretty good when that happens. I even slipped in a jount to Michael's craft store to pick up some watercolor pads that were 50% off, (grab three of them) and some dollar rubberstamps...little treat.

The Downers Grove Artist Guild Demo when well. While packing for it and preparing dinner too, I had to keep telling myself  not to over do it..I think I have 5 hours in 1 and no way is it possible to do that.. so keeping in my mind to keep it as simple as possible always works..not that the guild would be getting the shortof the stick, it just giving it to them with the less is more concept.  I did end up matting and framing one of the demo pieces from the Outdoor Studio Exhibit two weekends ago and they just loved it... They were surprised I was gave a sample for a raffle.  (well they had asked and I just so happened to have one for them)

It was so cool to call up Osio-Brown, and placed my order to restock my prints I've sold from the 13 moon series and it was just so cool to tell them the titles and let them take it from there.. I should be able to pick them up on Wednesday.. so I've got some time to package them up in a clear bag and support the backs of them. I love Adams Wife's works.. you'll see them if you go on the links..there very large and impressive.

I really need to get started on the small abstract landscapes for The Flying Pig gallery in Algoma, WI. October is a great month for the gallery space and if I can I'm going to give it a try get some up there. Challenging I know but so exciting I have a few other place like dropping off work in Dectuar IL and shipping some work out before the end of them month and getting some work set for the Rest. 33West in Aurora...I keep thinking the artwork doesn't speak for itself sitting in the closet so get it out there girl friend..!

Yes call my crazy for all that's going on..can't help it..something/ or someone knocks at the door and I open it. and end up filling my calendar days with fun stuff. 


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  1. Make sure there's studio time in that fun stuff!


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