Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pushing forward

Only pushing myself in areas I feel the weakest.. I've seeked some help which is outside my comfort zone as I've always been independent and felt very much on my own from a young age making choices and decision I felt were best for me, well with the help of a friend upstairs too.  So pushing myself to do some writing for a proposal is a tough one.. and I'm in the process..doesn't feel comfortable and it's attacking areas that are the weakest as I said before but I'm giving it a try...so with that I'm also need to do some major moving of big materials like my benches out of the tent in back and to put away the papermaking stuff for the year...the call isn't there it's a cycle that will come again but for now accepting it's passed is good and then I'm going to get it ready for the weekend of my Outdoor Studio Exhibit..doing things little by little days and almost weekend advice is crazy to some but when you do it yourself pretty much all the time to learn to break it down in to manageable pieces... so off this gal goes. 

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  1. Hey! I bought an EZ up tent, so you can leave the papermaking tent where it is!


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