Saturday, August 28, 2010

preparing for the big event..publicity, yard work etc.

Well I rambled away as usually when asked a question...As the interview went thinking about it and doing a little self criticism... I've been told this before when asked a question I never can give a straight answer as of I seem to take the long way around it and then forget what the question was...I read like that too as of I read a paragraph and I forget what the first sentence was all about..been a life long deal with back to the interview...I was excited that they(Doings Newspaper) came to the house, and really happy that my cousin Doris and Nancy both were able to make the interview too. I always am thankful when I'm not alone.. and also when Sandy the Journalist does her magic...She's a good writer, I know from the question she was looking for angle to write the story from...see she's done some different articles about me before..Here I sound a bit piggish but she has and I'm an artist, working in collage and papers so what can you write differently?  I hope that she writes about artists being as creative about getting there work out there as doing their art work because that's one reason I've planned on repeating the Annual Outdoor Studio Exhibit. Also because I can and it's  worked the last couple of years..not sure how it will turn out this year but we all are going to give our best foot forward and see what happens...I've invited Doris, Nancy and I have another artist friend Bev, who works in watercolor and photography. Waiting to hear back from her if she would like to do this,so if so it will be a good mix of artwork...something for everyone... I think next year it would be cool to do a Darien Artist Tour and have all the Artist in Darien that would like to set up shop  and we would pick a weekend like this and pass out maps and have people come around and see our works.  We defiantly need more of that going on out in the burbs.. People are so distant from art and stuff like that.. it seems it easier to head to target and walmart before an artfair to purchase a piece of real art...but now I sound a bit bitchy don't I.? 

I have something to do each day before the big event, kind of today is yard work which is another area that I love to be in..I've got to do so trimming and taming of some of the plants...their a bit unruly and overall care needs to be taken outside too... so that's the project this day..Also I think I'm going to move my other tent over on Sunday and have that half up as of just the top and no sides till Wednesday..

I did manage to get to LaGrange Art League yesterday after the interview and pick up some of the sandwich board peg board panels..there old school but the do the job of displaying the art work nicely..

Ok I just looked at the newspaper and seen that rain is coming in on Wednesday and Thursday...darn it but that's a couple of days away so not going to rely on that only...things have away of changing..


  1. I would love a copy of your interview in the newspaper. I am extremely proud of you. I can't believe another year has gone by and your annual event has come around again. Good luck dear friend. Hope all goes well for you.

  2. Exciting plans! I know it'll be wonderful.

  3. Are you going to head up this studio walk? Quite a bit more workload on your plate!


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