Sunday, August 15, 2010

Naperville Garden Club with Naperville Art League artists

Last minute as I've pulling out of the driveway I decided to call my mother in law Eileen to see of she would like to come with me to the Naperville Garden Club Flower Show in Naperville.  Last minute and spontaneously she said yes..So we headed out ..I had to stop at the Art League first as I need to switch out art work for the next months showing, then head over there...Eileen was able to see the art league where I teach some times and the gallery too.  When we arrived there weren't to many people there but Sue Bourgasi and Dee Leppin a few of the Naperville Art League artists and then of course some the garden club was there.. It was a really nice show of plants, flower arrangement, specimens of different plants and the art..  I was truly amazed at the way the flower arrangement went with the abstract landscape piece I made... the garden club made the flower arrangement after see the art work... Nice combination of two community groups/clubs..

Prior to heading I received an email from the National Collage Society President asking all the artists that were in the last books that was published by the Society to submit their work for a group exhibit at the Peninsula Art Academy in Peninsula, Ohio.  So that means I need to get busy and find packing material to ship out a big 30 x 40 piece with black frame...I've done this two other times so not new but just cautious cause it a piece of art going out and you don't want to get it damaged.. Gretchen has shared this with me

October 9th through November 20th we will have an exhibit of the collages in the new book at the Peninsula Art Academy in Peninsula, Ohio. The show will move to the Hudson Library Gallery until the end of the year. We will have two receptions and book signings (dates not determined yet). We applied for a grant to print the book and the results are not available until October. 

well things are happening again...and I've got to cut the lawn today...and maybe work in the studio later...didn't make it up stairs busy getting paper work ready to leave at the art league when I switched out my art for the classes and workshop I have coming up there and getting info together for the other two artist exhibiting with me in my Outdoor Studio Exhibit..all in between doing the food shopping and laundry..

Last little tidbit is I planted a few Milkweed plants next to the back kitchen windows by the kitchen table and this morning I'm graced with the presences of a Monarch butterfly...How cool is that... nice little blessing for this yesterday when I was sitting a the table in the morning doing my morning journal writing I saw a rainbow..must have been about 6 in the was so neet..

Reading a great book to that a friend passed on to me Living Color a Writer paints her world..Natalie Goldberg... really enjoying it..


  1. What a pretty showing! I love the artwork displayed with the flowers. And - that book sounds really interesting! another book! oh well, thanks!

  2. Lots of good stuff happening!


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