Friday, August 27, 2010

Interview today with Sandy Bosch from the Doings..

Started off the morning yesterday with my walk and granny run in the woods.  Cool and refreshing, especially when going down the path with the very tall blue stem grasses. They lean over in the morning hours so much so that you get a splash of morning dew upon you as you walk or run through them.  It just makes me feel like I've just been blessed and with the smaller butterflies and the grasshoppers jumping and up and down leading the keep the mouth shut as the grasshoppers have good aim.  I felt blessed with a visit from Aldo the retired barber, he is such a loving and friendly guy...I see he enjoys the talk and listening too. You have to in his line of he still has men come to his home shop to cut their hair...He shared with me how hard it is that the wife is now retired and she's got plans for his funny.. He said between you and me now...and he shares that it's hard for him..but it will all work out he says.    I have to say there is something specially to me about my walks and meeting or waving as I go by these people in the woods.. being it's cooler more are out.  I wonder we come there for the freshness, nature, exercise and peace..something so common and we can all relate to.. well that's what I see, don't know for real as I've not asked everyone. but I believe it's a good guess.

Well been doing some of the preparing for the Outdoor Studio Exhibit and today I have the Doings newspaper Journalist coming by to have a chat, I ended finally washing my first floor windows...Now I'm not an expert at this as I can see this morning as the light comes in but it is like a pair of new eyes looking out.  Well it won't last around here but the years worth of weather outside and the life inside has been washed away..feels good. It always amazes me what you clean when someone is coming over...Long good day even fit in a little read and was treated to dinner by the husband...He's been working so hard lately that I was surprised he wanted to go out...but he did.. made this gal happy..

well off to tidy up a bit ... and after the interview I'm going to head out to pick up more sandwich boards to use for next weekend.. busy stuff but progress happening  is always good. Bustn' the move and keeping it in the forward motion. 


  1. Yes, guess the grasshoppers are having their last fling. ...and oh that Aldo!

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