Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fawn in the woods.

Managed to work in the studio for a good three hours, my glazing is done and also the extra shadowing some places for the large piece I'm working on. I  need to looking into some of the image transfers I would like to put on this piece and get my wooden manikins posed right. I've got to screw them on from the back of the box and add some extra glue too, just to make sure.

I also started on the cover for my MYM journal, its been just black and no excitement to it so when I got my Zoo membership newsletter on the back was a wonderful image of the Raven they have at the Brookfield Zoo so I snagged that up and cut it out..gave it a bit of sanding and now it's tacked on the cover with other papers and some light molding paste..need to make sure it dry before I go back into the piece.. It's kind of evolving as I go along.

Heard from the Art Loop Open which will run for just two weeks in October.. they received all my information not I wait for acceptance or not.. This is through the Chicago Artist Coalition..yes I rejoined up again.. couldn't help myself.. The CAC was having some problems with things but seem to smooth them out, (new people and wasn't sure where the were going)

I do need to get going on a piece for the next Art Diary exhibit at 4artinc.  as I've done all three now and need to complete the last one..Robin the Gallery owner will be printing a book and all four piece will be in there.. the next title or theme is Conquer.

well best get going on things...the day goes by fast around here...
Oh I did want to share..when I was walking and doing my granny run in the woods yesterday I came around twice in the same spot to a fawn...so rich in the rust color and so alert and aware of things but didn't run..the mother must have been around but didn't see her.  I also came upon a yearling..I've come to tell the maturity of the beautiful creature out there by seeing them so much.. The deer are so curious..almost to the point as a cat..

Good News ...called up J2 Gallery...big fear to take with the gallery owners in between hangings, now a year but I did it today and feel good about that as nothing has sold but people like the work.. and he would like to keep me in there for another year...So I'll be putting in a few at time with prints..13 Moon series will have a road to travel now.. after the September Season...


  1. What did you submit to Art Loop Open? I know some people that submitted some work, mostly 2-D visual art, and I was thinking of doing some video work.

    I also thought this was part of the Loop Alliance stuff - they seem to be doing a lot with art since Tony Tasset got in the picture.

    Everyone seems to bash on CAC - what's the deal here?

  2. Hi Michael,
    I've submitted one of my newest series Take Heart of the faceless people I'm doing now... had a heck of time mainly because I did prepare before hand...needed a pdf file for the resume..so I backed out and then they got back to me and asked why and I said because I don't the abilities to convert to pdf so then the made it easier..a few more complications and I was on and in the Art Loop... as of submission still waiting like everyone else for that..I'm sorry I'm not that familar with the gentlemen Tony you speak of.. I'm out in the burbs here so not to into the big scene your way..
    As for the big deal with CAC..the change of one leaving and one coming in and the problems with the galleries on line how that is still hard to work with..well that's what I hear.. so what's you main site..or blog?

  3. Good to hear your 13 Moon prints have a place to be seen! Congrats!


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