Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Every Tuesday....

Goya Ghost, the Piano,  these are the movies I've watched the last couple of weeks in the studio...music not been doing it for me. Not that it won't but just lately I've enjoyed watching something while I'm working.. I know Robert Rauschenbert would have the news playing all the time but I don't want to get depressed..though these movies to have a darker side to them.. Well it's a family thing to rent movies on Tueday's when the new releases come out..the husband makes the list of a few and I'm usually the one that will got pick them up..while I'm there I use the free movie coupons to rent movies..like the ones above.  I think it was on face book that a person mention the Great Expectation...never heard of these..so thats coming soon to watch ..older movies that is that I seemed have missed.. Or just wasn't paying attention..


  1. What's Goya Ghost?

  2. Goya the artist from the 1700's and it's a movie I stumbled upon when I was in blockbusters the other day..


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