Monday, August 16, 2010

Cool Monday Mornings.

I'm so fascinated by the way the lanterns hang off the is my little sketch study from yesterday journal entry.  The book I'm reading Living color by Natalie Goldberg relates to the freshness and limits of the colors she used in her paints..Natalie is a writer but she is an artist too. I'm enjoying this fast read about her experience with what she paints and her life.  The colors are not perfect and neither are the images. which helps me let go of the need to be perfect.. well just some ramblings.

The weather is so beautiful. Cool and breezy.. I'll be doing a walk for sure today.  but I'm going to spend some time in the studio...I have some plans to finish up this large piece.  Oh I have to stop myself and listen to the Blue Jays and the rustling of the cotton wood trees.. its so amazingly beautiful this morning what a blessing.

I was needing to look into a shipping box for a piece of art but I think I might have some boxes that are really strong and sturdy to ship the one piece to Ohio.. I was all worried about the glass etc. when I went this morning to measure the sizes and saw that it done on a canvas..well that makes things a bit more simpler. So that job on the list is checked off with little effort.

So an easier day at that and much relief for all of us that have had to really try to endure the heat.

Husband worked on the brakes yesterday after he went to the Woodstock motorcycle swap meet.. He found some great deals, I'm happy for him he's wanted to go for so long and put it off for others and things that need to get done...though my brakes were not the healthiest sounding they would have made it a few more weeks but don't want to chance it.  The Abs part of the brakes seem to be still acting up, I guess there's a sensor that could get rust in it and then not act correctly.. Listen to me, like I know..just repeating what was told to me by the husband.  But it's much better...the brake dust that sometimes gets on the rims of the tires and looks all black..well while he was changing the brake pads I was cleaning the rims with Simple Green, full strength and a scrubby pad..though the pad did add some scratch marks on the rim they look wonderful bright and clean...

Oh I hear the crows cawing in the distances... change is upon us..even the cottonwoods are sharing that with the dropping of the leaves already.  Just a week ago saw a large spider in the upstairs bath tub. That has always been a sign for me as of change is upon us sooner then you realize.. especially with the season changes. I know we all are looking forward to the change.

Whelp enough jabber jawing I need to get going on things.
Busting a move and putting on a groove~


  1. What a cool plant. I've never seen one. And the sketch is awesome. Loving the drawings that you've been creating. And that Art Tribe night sounds so cool. I think I'll watch it again before I pass it on.

  2. Love that still life, Laura. And funny, I was looking for spiders this morning too. I feel that change in the air. Cool nights - nice.

  3. Hmmm. I always have spiders in the shower, and moths and mosquitoes! Sometimes even an earwig! I am grateful also for the cooler weather but haven't yet weathered the fallout from last weeks meltdown.


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