Sunday, August 15, 2010

another page for the journal today.

Worked in the yard all morning..mostly about 3 hours worth...My horoscope said to rejuvenated myself today. I couldn't think of a better way, either in the woods or working in the yard...I was able to do some much needed weeding too.  Carl my four legged buddy was happy I was in the back yard with him.. I was planning on finishing, taking a shower. having lunch and then sneaking in a movie..but it will have to wait. As the husband needs the vehicle home to fix it right(brakes).. maybe tonight.. I turned my time around an fit in a quick sketch but then came back in with my tiny watercolor set I got from a children's party favor that I stick in my case that has a pencil, pencil sharpener, two ink pens, kneaded eraser and the tiny watercolor set...all I really need.
The case is really an eye glass case but it works prefect for the sketching supplies...I seem to not need the case as I wear the glasses all the time except for bed.. at that age now..darn it.

Well I have one more page to do and then I'm going to ship this journal to Georgia for my art buddy/friend. Lorraine, she's a high school art teacher and she works with the kids and does journals like this all the time..
But I want to get the cover done first so maybe a few more weeks..Heck no biggie as the journal will not be needed to come back till next year this time..Yes this is part of my Make Your Mark Journal Project..


  1. Love your drawing and your journal page, Laura. And your tiny paints - I carry one of those around with me sometimes too! I have some of those Japanese Lanterns in my garden too. Forgot I had planted seeds last year and started to pull them out, thinking they were weeds. Then saw the little lanterns hanging, but mine are still green. Remember them from when I was a child. Love them!

  2. April I see your sketching in your journals and they inspire me.. so as you can see I've followed your lead...

    I found these beauties hidden behind my orange and so strong when you hold them I figured they would be so paper thin but that comes after I guess when it drys out

  3. I had brought home lantern seeds to plant years ago and sometimes I find them in the yard and sometimes not. Probably not the same seeds I had planted. Beautiful sketch!
    I've never had a nice rectangular eyeglass case!


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