Monday, August 30, 2010

4Art inc. Art Diaries "Conquer"

Conquer is the Theme for this last one of the year at 4Art inc.
My in called "Conquering the Paperwork" 

This Art Diary entry reflects the paperwork one needs to follow through on a job in order to receive the cash. So the feeling of conquering this task brings on a very comforting and calming feeling that is simulated in the mixed breed terrier dog sitting faithfully at your side. Materials used in this assemblage are old boat housing from a compass, found papers, old photograph from a friend, stained tissue papers, wire from used watercolor pad and book posts.

The pieces are to be 4 x 4 and are encouraged to be dimensional as much as possible.. When I went up to Door County in June I think it was, yes it was June..our 29th Anniversary, we drove by a flea market on the front lawn of an Antique shop and got some great deals...when I saw these odd shape thing the gentlemen came over and gave me the compass that went inside at one time...I have some goofy stuff like that stashed all over big closet space in my studio... I old photo looks some thing like my terrier mix pupperoni I have now but his hair isn't wirery just smooth coat... so he's my faithful  buddy at my side always..  it's a bit goofy but it's been fun creating this piece for the Art Diary Exhibit every three months at 4Arts...if you go on her site you can see next years theme list..I don't know if I'll keep it up or not... but the works that went into this years Art Diary are to be made into a book with the description of the your entry.. there to be an art entry much like a journal entry but with art..

Got to run out to Orland Park today to pick up two more sets of my 13 moon cards and then fit in a walk so calm the spirit and set the day in motion..

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  1. Hope you got that walk in. Nice assemblage. Just seems natural.


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