Saturday, July 31, 2010

Road trip yesterday

I took a ride to Lemont to check out the New Lemont Art Center... 1243 State Street, Lemont.. I received a invite to submit works for an up an coming Grand opening but I wanted to see what the place looked like before I submitted...Lets say it small but it's new and has some possibilities...there's a new Aldi's next store so you know me, I had to do a little shopping..On the other side this a Spa and down the ways is a Wine there could be some potential there..
The two photos you see there are blurry because I've taken a photo through the glass so you can see the inside of the place..not big but could be a place to go to for Art...If anyone is interested and local and would like to submit three image you can email Mona P. at  bobmonaparry @ (fill in space between) an I'm sure she would send you a document on it..

After I did my running around and road tripping I ate some lunch and head to the studio, I needed to reframe three collage nudes, only because of speck of something on the mat.. then I went to town on stretching my 12 x 12 canvases...Seems I was thinking way back when I bought the canvas as I got the thicker canvas and I purchased just enough to do all 12..I was astonished it worked out that well.  But I have to say my hands are a bit sore and the muscles got a good work out..doesn't seem like they would but with a heavy duty stapler time and time again they go kind of numb..So having the kind of nature that I do I didn't let go of them till I complete them...What's the next step?? primmering them with gesso and probably with about three coats..very zen activity..which I do look forward to later in the week when I'm fretting about my workshop I'm to teach...good to have activities to calm the beast in me..

Off to St. Charles today to pick up work..One of my pieces in this show is accepted in for a show in Decatur Ill. late October..


  1. I watched a hummingbird flit about the yard yesterday. That's what you remind me of. So cool.

  2. Looks interesting, Laura.

  3. New directions. Glad you got this project attacked and resolved. Replaces that papermaking project.


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