Saturday, July 03, 2010

Pillars of Judgement-collage on 2" Cradleboard

Pillars of Judgement
24 x 24 collage on Clayboard
Papers are made from white lunch bags coated with a mixture of recycled green tea and polymer medium. white blue print plans from a dumpster dive coated with gesso, handle from a brown shopping bag, tissue paper sandwiched together with string, gray and gray buff stained tissue papers and brown Kraft paper painted with a roller of white and blue..Image transfer of my photographs I took in my back yard of the faceless people and image transfers for the numbers and letters.   The box was cut with my son's multi tool and I built the box with balsam wood and glue.. The faceless wooden figure is screwed into the back of the box and acrylic  is added to embellish the image.. Before I coat the papers with polymer and fuse them to the cradle board I sewed them together..the buff and white dumpster dive blue print plans( which aren't really blue at all, I just don't know what to call them but they are for hospital plans)... I love the ripple effect I'm getting and of course the look of a white shirt or material... In my last class I shared with my student the materials that I had wanted to put together and I showed them the bag handle  I had wanted to put in the first piece of this series but it just didn't speak loud enough.   But this piece was calling for a bit more action in it...
And when I played with yesterdays whim of waking up and a making a collage right away the three black loops up in the left hand side where created in my morning collage...I feel so strongly that I was to make that collage so that I would know to put the three black knotted loops in this piece...I feel it helps the brown bag loop fit in, instead of looking out of place...repeating a shape or pattern...the Principles of Design.. I have more handles I could have put in, but I know for sure the size was to much if it was repeated, but the black loops did for me...

Now what are this faceless people trying to call out to me about...Good questions.. I listening to them as of allowing them to come forth and working with them... there a bit on the end of life feeling... some one said on Facebook they give an Apocalyptic feel.  I guess some might think but in fact there on the other side for me.. The first one Take Heart..has to do with, this world we live in if we don't have heart we won't make it through and taking heart means to have courage. It really has to do with how I feel about the situation we are all in..if we don't have some faith some guidance and courage to be independent and make the changes we as individual people need to we will get sucked into the garbage fed to us.
Take Heart
30 x 30 Collage on Cradleboard

As for the piece at the top I'm finding the vertical faceless people in rows and on top of each other are playing a game of judgement upon our of we should have this and we need this and all the crap that's fed to us to flow along like numb ducks to what is fed to us...And then our own personal judgement of how, who and what we should be... I feel a rebellious side of me raising up... with these piece...they are statement piece for sure.. I want to pull out the 36 x 36 cradle board and go at it...  but I think I might toy with making paper today... but to remember what  I wrote here about these pieces being the emotional state is so fresh with me on the meaning of them... I have a 12 x 12 of one started too...not sure what that one is asking of me but It's base is down...papers are tacked down and the glazing of gray is on now to add the shadowy black/blue to it and see what is calling..

As I sit out here this morning the sounds where a bit different as of the cardinals were singing the strongest and now the crows seem to be calling forth a meeting of sort...kind of exciting.. could be the family heading out together for breakfast...tee hee hee.

Really quick back to the two pieces...I can't help but address that all art doesn't have to look pretty especially when strong emotions seem to be taking over the underlining image... Should one care at this point how anyone feels about their work...hmm that's another good questions to ask?  at this point do I care I guess which is the most important question what people think of this work...and I have to say No...this is this work is coming from a place I've not really touched in along time so I not stopping its path..blinders are on to outside influences. 


  1. wonderful
    great topic

  2. Hi Laura,

    I love Pillars of Judgement. Even from this small picture I can sense the power of the piece. eve

  3. Both great pieces. Great direction you are in. Peace.


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