Friday, July 16, 2010

Looking at Goals setting a action plan

OK that all sound to grown up...I feel like I'm 13 again and going through my own physical and emotional states with life looking ahead and I'm in school now...on top of it all Plan out the rest of your life and get a action plan NOW.... ouch..that makes me want to run and you mean I have to grow up... I'm having to much fun playing around... Well... little did I know that by setting a action plan in motion did dreams come true for me.. and they weren't Whopper dreams something that could and would be manageable.. Over 6 years ago I set the dream or action in motion by saying I would only enter shows up with booth fees of 200.00 or lower...that was accomplished and I then seen that the booth fees were going up for the good fairs I was in the years before so in order to continue I had to change the game plan a then it was booth fees of 250.00 or less...After a few years of this I decided to shoot for the local big fair...Naperville River Walk which is a booth fee of 400.00 but if your a member of NAL you get a discount on the jury fee... Well two years ago I submitted the images and booth image and I was excepted.. I was elated,  shocked and so honored and pitching myself to see if it was real.. I couldn't believe that I set this goal a long time ago and silently to myself that one day I would shoot for the Riverwalk art fair and I made it.. Well now with that major goal accomplished...I have to say I'm a bit lost... I've been keeping things going but still feeling a bit lost.. Though a few of the other goals last year have been met, like finishing the 13 moon series...I'm just dangling here as of what is next...  I chatted with my daughter yesterday..the oldest one and seen she's in the same boat as of accomplishing her college degree and not sure where she really want to go... So I go back to the basic questions what makes me happy....1. my walks in the woods, 2. being able to pitch my tent and make paper if I want to  (though that hasn't been the main force this year it's still in my blood) 3. simple times hanging out with friends and chatting of lunch. 4. doing road trips day long ones  5. creating in my studio  6. sharing with other and helping them learn how to seems that in my collage classes I teach some basics but I also know what comes or is left for the students is the freedom and nudge and gentle push I give them to explore that it's OK to make a mistake and see that it's a happy accident.  7. just the pure joys of what the day brings...

I've found I'm not the big night time scene kind of person..I'm up early and meet the sun as it comes up and so it's harder for me to do the night scene of receptions etc..but I will do them..if I had a choice I would pass.. I honestly just a simple home body.... but to get the piles of work out there I do need to come out of my comfort zone and present and put the social butterfly face on..don't like to but I will.. sometimes I can have some great's the attitude I need to change and keep positive about it..

So likes and dislikes...goals and actions and work what's this all about? 

Where am I headed why is that so important to know and have out in front of me?

I'm changing in a way that I'm not quite sure I understand but can adjust to. Right now though the needed to draw seems to be in lot of peoples's something people are wanting to take the time for and do, like take a class or workshop etc.  I've purchased a few books...yes that's right my fun habit of filling a shelves upon shelves...but it's a fun book and I'm still at the stage of just doing the first assignment...draw 30 images of a cat...I think I've got about 11 images now and not too details...I'm practicing at it...I share this with people as I would like to get back into my drawing again but I'm not sure I want to do the life drawing though that's the best to practice with...they say... I would like to feel free to sit down with my sketch book and just start drawing what ever was in front of me with out fear of it being good or people looking over my shoulder expecting a masterpiece...  Oh, darn did I just do that..did I just set something in action by asking for that my new goal??  I think so but what I need to do is keep it simple as of the approach...I have a great tendency to latch on to something and not let it go till it's done...Also I do believe I have wonderful ability to be flexible each day as of when I wake up I'm off on a new adventure and I have 40 of them going on at once...and I'm wanting to do them all by 12 noon that day...kind of like tasting  it all at the smorgasbord this will be a challenge...But what I see is I've got the fall open to get my butt moving in that directions.. so what can I do to get this game, goal or action plan in motions... the wheels are a turning...

Today though I do need to spend some time in my studio and work on the third piece of the faceless people series...the four image came to me while walking yesterday so I will be thinking about that too and getting ready for spontaneous couple of hours at DickBlick tomorrow promoting the Make Your Mark Journal project and the Two day Collage workshop I have at DuPage Art League..Kevin said sure there's room for you there so I've got to get that in action..made copies yesterday to hand out so that's done...

Here are a few of my Make Your Mark journal entries...Not sure what there about but just letting it happen..Playing!!

babbling and rambling way but by doing the posting here it's a process that I seem to be so acustome to and it helps me sort my thoughts, which then helps me put thing in motions...Oh if I didn't do Morning pages and the postings I think I would be wearing the white coat for a bit wacked out but for sure the white coat...


  1. I've been doing morning pages recently and they are whacking me out!
    It all sounds good, some deep breathing exercises along with the cat sketching and the new direction will be established!

  2. Whacking you's that?

    yes deep breathing is a must.

  3. I love when you write about your morning pages, Laura. I miss doing them - haven't been faithful to them in a long long time. Feeling so out-of-sorts and I know they would help enormously. I must begin again! Your journal pages are wonderful - still hemming and hawing about it. tsk-tsk.

  4. My pages hand me more projects than there is time in a day, or a week, or maybe even a month!


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