Thursday, July 15, 2010

Living Purposefully

Chapter Seven-A woman's self-esteem,
We have an inner compass that guides us and sets our directions so that the locus of control is felt to be within, rather than somewhere out in the world.  In contrast, a person with low self-esteem feels herself primarily under the control of the external events, which means the choices and actions of others. She responds life passively rather than proactively. This difference in life-patterns is a reflection of the degree to which a woman operates by conscious purpose.  Ex: In order to finance my education, I may take a job I don't enjoy; yet I am able to feel in control of my life, even when performing uninspiring tasks, if I hold in mind the wider context and the goal toward which I am moving. With absence of goals and purposes, I experience myself as essentially at the mercy of chance--my own random impulses. 

To life my life at the level of conscious purpose, I need to take responsibility for formulating my goals. What do I want to achieve in terms of personal development?  What do I want to achieve professionally? What do I want out of my relationships? I need to think about how to get there from here, meaning I need to answer the question, What actions will I need to take to get what I want?  In other words, I need and action plan.  Also I need to monitor my behavior over time to assure myself that I am on track, that my actions remain consistent with my goals..and actions plan..Finally I need to pay attention to the out comes of my actions, to determine whether they are in fact producing the results I intended and envisioned. these policies are enormously self-esteem building, because they generate ad sense of competence in the face of life's challenges.

One of the most potent ways of raising self-esteem and thereby gaining more satisfaction is by converting desires into purposes. 

*Ask yourself what actions you would need to take if your purpose where to achieve you goals in reality (rather than just dream about them.)
* Design an action plan and begin to implement it.
*Monitor your progress and pay attention to the outcomes of your actions. Adjust your plan and behavior when necessary.
*Keep yourself on track, moving toward fulfillment. And watch yourself grow in personal power.

Exercise Sentence to complete..
If I operated 5% more purposefully----
If I brought 5% more purposefulness to my work----
If I brought 5 % more purposefulness to my important relationships----
If I brought 5% more purposefulness to maintaining good health----
If I want to translate these ideas into action, I will need to ---
I am becoming aware----- 

So now after reading this after my morning journaling I got dressed for a walk in the woods and headed out early.  The heat was rising already at 7:10... and the woman that was finishing up her walk out there suggested I get my bug spray...(hmmm this gal doesn't use that stuff..) my response to her was I just have to be motivated to walk stopping on the woods path or you get bite in the _ ss.   Well I walked and then I came to the bridge where I decided to just keep moving and go past a comfort zone of just two time around out there and add another mile..I was sweating like an pig so whats adding on more.. I put the body in motion and did little granny run and it felt good..The endorphins where my friend.. hehehe. it's one of the things I miss the most about not running.. but I  have to watch my knee.  I accomplished that feat and then did my weight train part..push up on the bridge rail and squat ups where I use my one arm and do like a curl. I came home to a sweaty body and a Carl critter eagerly wanting a walk we did the urban hood and I racked up 6 miles this morning..I'm feeling it now.. but it sure felt good while I was doing it... nothing like pushing the body a bit and seeing what she will do..
Showered and breakfast to then do bills and recording the of the art business bills too. I then got things going and check with my insurance and all is clear to do the mammogram and some blood work up.. all covered, not a doctor kind of girl but felt it is so important to do lest before I chicken out..

What does this all have to do with living purposefully?? good questions and what kind of goals do I have with out sounding negative..I love to make my art but I have to much sitting around and out hanging with no sales.. Oh no that's the negative part..  

I think I'm going to continue this tomorrow...till now all is good.

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