Saturday, July 17, 2010

Buttons, Make Your Mark Journal project-Family Day's Dick Blick Collage Demo July 17th 2010

 I had a packet of colored paper so I decided to use that for the buttons.  There are over a hunderd there to bring today, trying to get the Make Your Mark Journal project always the human race seems to wait to the last minute on things..and I'm one of them, I need to register for a collage get away weekend and I'm taking my sweet time on that too. So I totally understand..I really am looking for  just some fun..good fun with creative people.  I invited myself in on this Family Day event with Dick Blick... so I might be put in the back 40ty, I don't expect anything at all but to be there and help promote the Two day collage workshop at Dupage Art League I have coming up and the Make Your Mark Journal project.
Here is my finished piece, "Isolation"  it's a 12 x 12 cradle board, with the same papers as the other two piece I've worked on the past two months.  It's part of a series called Faceless people.  I have to purchase another wooden manikin today so I have three.. the next piece will have three wooden faceless people in there and they will be laying down all in a row at the bottom... I'm pretty excited about it.. I'm bringing this piece and the first one from the series today to show at the Demo I'll  be presenting at the Family Day's-Wheaton Dick Blicks 


  1. I hoped to get out that way, but day didn't whack out as I intended, of course. Buttons and books and all sorts of play stuff!

  2. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Hi Laura, I live in the UK and have only just come across your art and love it. I am thinking of starting to make some collages of my own and am dying to learn more about one of your techniques you have used in some of your collages, like the "wooden button" for instance.
    How did you do the bird image and the flowers at the bottom - they look as if you almost stamped them on top of the text somehow?

    I remember in college when I studied art that a girl on my course used a similar technique in her collages/paintings, but never found how exactly she did it :(

    Would be forever grateful if you could drop me an email whenever you have got some spare time.
    My email address is

    Sorry for being so straight forward btw.

    Many thanks,



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