Friday, July 30, 2010

Art tribe meeting

Reflections on the art tribe meeting...what I've taken from it... I go to the networking meetings to gain insight, learn what others are doing share ideas and hear where every one is at on their creative careers.  What I realized and knew all to well before is that we are all individuals with our unique voice in our art and the way we see our world and life...So what would be good for one may not be good for the other... All that is Ok in fact is pretty darn fantastic.   I've been sharing about art, life and my own self-esteem for some time now and I go back and forth with myself...some would say get on with it already... or as some hard core friends would tell me to shit and get off the potty..but one can't help but think...think about how it all works and how it will play out.  I really don't have the direct connect to that but I do know that last night after I left the meeting I felt that there is direction for me a path that has being laid out... and to stay strong on that path and be truer then true with it... I had asked my daughter to help me stretch a canvas...duh I've done it before but not well so I know she knows how to do I've got a good idea now.  I've got a couple of things on the table lets say..I'm still working on my faceless people series and ideas are popping in and out all the time..But I'm being called to stretch these canvases as many as I can 12 x 12 and get them primed up and then to take some old work out of some nice cream colored metal frames I have and create a new grouping or series of soft abstract landscapes... that will be tough for me.. I'm a bit bolder then what I've envisioning here.. but it's direction and I have the material, space, time so that's what I took out of the meeting and also to try to spend more time in the studio... these opportunities are here what am I waiting for?  I really I don't know..but the nudge has be given..


  1. Good nudge, good path, move on it.

  2. Awesome! I was especially delighted to hear you say you often go back and forth w/ self and wonder if some would say get on w/ it. I've been feeling that same thing and holding back from posting something on AW. But perhaps....Such great news on your new direction.


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