Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Taking care of business

Early yesterday  morning I received a phone call from a dear friend in Georgia, we've known each other when our youngest were just a year old..we met in an exercise class..hit it off from the start..both artists, and had four children with each three girls and one boy.  We don't chat often but when we do it seem we're on some what the same path without even knowing it... We also call each other when things are a bit hairy too and seem were are both having wild days's always positive and productive..That's what I like about the relationship we share where we are and then we let the "cup half full step in and guide us"  knowing that it will be all right and we can get through what ever is happening and share the joys in a later chats.  So that said I shared that I felt that I needed to have a better understanding of what was going on with me and that I've been having some lows for no reason...well beside the hormones grabbing me hostage..I shared that with my doctor the other day and she chuckled.. but I thought there has to be some thing I can do to make this a smoother transition... So I asked myself what is it I'm feeling low about?  mainly about how I was feeling about myself...Realy if you look at this in the whole sceme of things it's about ending one phase of myself and moving into another..from the child bearing years to the self care years..I've always fought with low-self esteem so that's when I pulled out my book, the one I've been sharing here...Well, it seems my friend in Georgia also has had her book out and rereading it too.  How cool is that. Connections happening. 

Just what little I've read and shared here has opened my eyes again to seems I forget easily these days and need reminders more often.. What I found out and shared is no matter what self help book,show etc that's come out...   it boils down to living in this day..the one before you and how to do that and face the challenges present on a daily bases.  So with that I end chapter one of the book with.....

If self-esteem is essential of personal fulfillment, how is it achieved?    I'm gathering that it depends on our own actions, in living consciously, respecting the facts of reality with out denial, to be present in what we are doing, to seek to understand our interests, our values and goals.  to be aware.  To be self accepting of our experiences with out disowning them and the reality of our thoughts...(getting heavy for me here.. ) moving to the self-responsibility of our choices and actions which in turn is our own fulfillment, no one exists to serve us.  Being self-assertive is to honor our wants and needs and to look for the appropriate forms to express them. Treating our self with respect and to be willing to be who we are.  To live with purpose is also something that I've heard time and time again, to identify our goals and to perform the actions needed to achieve them. And with personal integrity a behavior we much remain loyal in action to what we know and what we profess and what we do... to walk our talk... talk our walk...boy I've heard that many times...

After reading this yesterday I have to say it's not a fast fix solution but it sure has me thinking about my part in my life, career and relationships...let say I was on task with what I needed to do and my thinking about all the things yet to come were brought to yesterday only...I did those some steps that will make it smoother later. 

I spent some time in the studio working on my piece that has so how given itself a name, " Pillars of Judgement"  I need today to make some images transfers of some trees with no leaves and my faceless people.. I'm trusting in the flow of things.  I've got to head into LaGrange Art League today also to drop off a big piece of work that will hang in the Libray there through the LGAL.. it's to be about recycling and being Collage has it special aspect to it.. I would like to purchase two big piece of glass so I can reframe my pieces I pick up in WI this past weekend too.  Moving forward with awareness. Being part of my day instead of a passerby.  How about you?  Are you ready to be a full time person in your's not easy but its a great place to start.

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  1. Living in yesterday is guilt, living in tomorrow is anxiety. Seize the present day!


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