Saturday, June 05, 2010

Reflections on Contemporary Storytelling in Collage

Turkan's Piece, she shared about the poppy fields she would play in when she was little and the awe she had over the poppy flower in its petal soft tissue like blooms..she did a wonderful job capturing the feel of that.
Sue's piece, is going to be a note card for a thank you to some people that she stayed with, love how she was able to sketch it out and recreate it in this nice little piece.

Sandy's turtle piece, the turtles are drawings from her childhood and see really was excited to use them in her collage. This piece has gone through some changes and we are in awe where it ended up...Well done Sandy.

Pam's piece her has a lot of emotional attachment to it, she too lost a beloved animal friend while going though class session..her cat. So she shared the story with us and what all the piece mean and the wonderful saying in the upper right hand corner of the piece.

We get all excited to see the wonderful color combination Melinda's piece will bring us. The orange and purple piece was a bit of a struggle she shared but she stuck with it and made it through and came out on top.. She did it her way and the way the piece as intuitive directing her. The house piece as a really cool story to it I believe it's called the Paper Route?

Mary Beth knocked our socks off with this piece. She shared her process of using gesso first and saran wrap till it dried..wanting to create a cracked effect..The image and the colors really pull us in to look upon this piece and capture the mood of the mystery in this young women..she said the image of the woman is 100 years old.

Joanne's piece, is just a wonderful creative fun place to rest you eyes. She shared the story behind this piece. She's has this wonderful play session with a group of people that she's befriended and shares swimming, lunch and good friendship that means a great deal to her.. What a wonderful piece full of life and excitement. She shared about the old swim suit images she found too to add to this collage.. Love the colors Joanne and the placement of everything and the P is for Panera Bread, Pool, and Play..

Jim is in the process of assembling a larger piece for a group of smaller collage on a 48'' long black canvas. He share his plans on this and we are really excited to see what will come of it. Possible in the Fall session he will have it finished and bring it into us.

Jeanne knocked our socks off with the poem that she wrote and read to us, then now the piece of art that goes with it. She wrote a poem about the wicked witch, as she said before the play Wicked. the emotional state she capture in her piece is awesome... really is something wonderful coming for a very raw pure place in Jeanne...A true Artist.

Janet's shares with us the gears and the movement she would like to have happen with this piece. Ideas were popping up about adding some assemblage on the outside of the cradle board and maybe even a light bulb she has.. How exciting her work is.. can't wait to see it finished.
These nice little ATC's are from Melinda's Daughters or Daughter, I'm so sorry I wasn't sure which one as of Hannah or Grace.. but we really enjoy this little Gem's. Little artists blooming and following mom's foot steps. So great when the whole family can be creative.
Eve's collage piece is so bright and full a great rich story line emerging. The photo are from a trip her husband took and it shows this woman carrying I think it was a big basket and her journey just walking down the road and her expression on her face and body. She shared that this one is not going to be for much emotional attachment with it... But we will be excited to see what the finished piece will look like, we all liked it as it was.

Barb's piece is part of an on going series of old photo's from her family that she is doing and the stories of the families are now saved for ever. Some wonderful techniques she always experimenting with... The look and feel she is capturing with these piece really adds to the beauty of them.
Well I had about 33 pictures I took of everyone and there work but with the places and things I have to do today I decided to just post the work from the class. We were missing Linda's pieces and Dianne's... but many be next time we will get them one. I'm taking off for the summer on teaching collage classes and also for the fall sessions... I will be doing some workshops at Dupage and Naperville so stay tuned.
Off to drop off work at Norris Gallery and be at the Aurora Art walk.
I just wanted to add as I'm finishing up with this post that the students work in my class is amazing they all are willing to try new things and share their hearts with each other. And it really surprises me how we have been with each other so long but our influence haven't effect us in a way that we are all making the same art... Everyone in my class has a voice and each one was heard... See in the Winter session.


  1. Laura, thank you for sharing all your student's work. Their work is wonderful and this is so exciting to see!

    I so enjoy your is so down to earth. There is a raw-ness to is easy to see you as an artist, an instructor, and as a woman with all the "daily things going on around you" which effects your thoughts, emotions and your art!!

    I look forward to reading every post!


  2. Love all of these, Laura! All did really great pieces - I always love seeing what everyone is doing!

  3. Thank you ladies for you kind words. Kim I love what you said about the rawish.....I relate that to the perfect in the imperfect that is so very speical. if you know what I mean.


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