Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Morning

So this is a mid-day post.... I was to be cleaning the studio...lets say I can walk in there but then I had all this papery stuff from the trip in to see Matisse so I got sidetracked and did my first entry in my Make Your Mark Journal... Being the head honcho of this and the committee we were able to purchase ours and receive it now, only to help promote the project...More info on the side bar of this blog.. Now I have about an hour before I come down to switch shifts and make dinner... I would like to get at lest a good 10 to 20 pages going in this journal before I start to ship it out to Australia or New Zealand...

I have some running around to do and then it's staying in the studio today... much to tend to. Two things mailed out, one a print and other CD to the gallery in the City...since my contract is up with them in September and in October I should have the 13 moons series done showing at the art fairs I can inquire about them taking me on for another year....another little trust walk as nothing has sold yet there this year so I might need to make a choice first and pull out but I'm going to let the good thoughts take over and see what happens.


  1. some time in the woods too?

  2. didn't make it there got distracted in a good way..

  3. Ooooo ...even love the paperwork from Matisse exhibit!


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