Sunday, June 13, 2010

Matisse Exhibit train ride in to the City.

Sitting out on the back patio this morning, the beauty of the green lushness is every where, the birds are so full of themselves, and the young learning the systems of finding food. I like to spend more time on Sunday mornings outside then usual easing the morning in... I have no photo's and no sketches...disappointed yes a bit but was a great trip...much needed break in the week...I forget how art is so stimulating to look at and what it does to one's inside when looking at a large collection of work. Makes me think about people walking an art fair or seeing a exhibit in a gallery.. How does it effect us as human beings? I question this because I know how it effects me...I have to give it sometime to settle before I can full feel the impact of art and looking at it.. I always come back so over stimulated from a city trip...more of a country girl and can't handle all that.
Now the exhibit.... I visited the Modern Wing... I don't know if I saw it it worked for excitement and bring people into the exhibit I missed the screaming Clown on the toilet..not that I really wanted to see it but if I had then I would also have that experience too and the memory...don't know now though it's any worry I didn't see it. But back to the Modern Wing... I have to be honest... I wasn't impressed as much as my expectations where leading me. And that might be the problem my expectations were too high. I was disappointed in the work I saw there... But who am I..?
Now for the Matisse Exhibit...hmmm I really enjoyed his sketches the strong boldness of them in such a little size was exciting to me and I have to say there were about two paintings that spoke to me the rest I wasn't moved by. I am not an expert by far, but when looking at art I know what moves me and what doesn't and I can't help it that's how I'm judge it... underlining all the other things I look at too with each piece I also realize the structure and design of it.. and how it executed.
The trip itself was so great...I thoroughly enjoy the train ride in and out and the walking and spending time with my cousin Doris...I would like to do more like this with her and plan some other trips...
As the spouse as been calling me a "stuck up suburban little witch"many because of my opinions as of lately.... I could be getting older and set in my ways...I try to stay open...I mean this all in a joking way.. I guess reaching the big 49 soon I've come into myself a little bit more and I don't care of as much about how other might think and not that I'm yelling to the world about my option I guess I realize I do have one and it's Ok to let it out now and then... As long as it's not done to hurt..
I have to admit the color of blue Matisse used in some of his work made the biggest impact on me. I think that was equal with Doris too. I also think that taking a bit of art history and reading up on Matisse will change some of my attitude toward him and his work but still can't help but say it didn't make a big as impact as I expected.... Which I also have to realize with my own artwork.. Not everyone is going to like my work mutal grounds with that one.

I've got a demo today with the Midwest Collage Society on I'll spend a bit more time out side here and then I need to get my gear and rear in order and make it over to the meeting at 1:00 today.
If you've seen the exhibit of the Modern Wing and Matisse I would be interested in hearing more about how you felt...kind of an open discussion...never know what we might learn. Try to stay open.. as much as possible and keep the brain cells working and learning.


  1. Hi Laura -- I saw the Matisse exhibit a couple of months ago. I took the headphone "tour" and that helped me appreciate his work more. But overall the Modern Wing with all its hype doesn't impress me as much as some of the other artists and styles. But I know what you mean about being inspired just by being in a big place filled with art. The creative energy is great!

  2. I'll send you my snapshots!


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