Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day two and handing home...jeans on the line, goats and junk

 In Sister Bay, as we drove by for the 5th time and headed out to the point of the peninsula we saw the goats on the roof of the Swedish restaurant, didn't catch the name of it but did watch the four goats up there tending to the roof...I thought of my Cousin Doris who wants one for her yard so she doesn't have to spend her days cutting the large yard she has.. pretty cool don't you think.
 We saw the lady below sitting in the tub so we had turn around and stop there...You know when it says Junk there's good possibilities there... well it was interesting but I had my camera in my hands and was interested in the laundry on the line... look at that isn't is some areas this is very rare to see..not around my home but in some areas you could even get a ticket...that's insane but I had to take a picture of it.
She's a doll isn't she.. the people that have there little garage open to the public come up with all kinds of things...Randy and I were sharing after visiting the place and great barn too, that these people have all their little gimmicks to draw us worked for us...we turned around licky spilt like and bee lined in..

After the visit to the Junk we headed to the Edgewood Orchard Gallery where a Art Tribe Artist has her work..that was cool, I love the outside path of of sculpture there...It was very interesting to take a Gear Head Motorcycle Due to the Galleries..Oh Randy helps me take down my tents at the Art Fairs and gets a look at the art there but it's neet to see what he liked in the Bigger galleries...We share that stuff but not to much so it was insightful for me. 

After the gallery we headed to the Pebble Beach because at the sculpture path there were small rocks set up in stacks all around..I had to have some so we headed to pebble beach...We had a grand time I never laughed so hard I was just besides myself... came away with a brown paper bag of Rocks..smooth as a baby's bottom... I guess there formed when the winds come in for a few days and hits that shore line..they call it a 3 day blow or a 4 day blow. I'll take some picture when I get home of them stacked up...just love them.

Well we are going to be heading out soon..we liked our stay but we are not the big touristy the things that everyone else where jumping on to do we shied away from and found the beat and path stuff more exciting..

Back to the comfort of the world we live in and back to business..only a few days but will be good to get back to the same old same old...and back to my book about self-esteem..latching on to that one like a pit bull..and not a mean one at that just one that won't let go...hehehe.


  1. Awesome pics and story! I'll definitely be asking about your route cuz these are the things I like to see. LOVE the goat. REALLY can't wait to see the rocks.


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