Sunday, May 02, 2010

You just ever have one of those Day?

A gift to myself~

I was not too sure about my thinking yesterday... let say I was having a Julia Cameron-Creative U-turn kind of to be honest it's been a few days of that kind of thinking.. I know were it started and it has to do with a bubble being popped last weekend... And it's taken me this long to see where I need to put my efforts/ or set it straight in my head. Don't know if other go throw or enter into realms of doubt but I think we all have a natural tendency to hang out there now and then.. I've shared some of my feelings with my students on Friday about working on this Series...(13 moons on turtles back) I'm so fortune to be able to have the freedom to do it..but I'm bored and want to be somewhere else now with different ideas but I know if I stray away from my series I won't come back... (I'm on #11 now) So I'm sticking it out and tending to my commitment to myself but it stirs a whole wad of mixed emotions and thinking crap. I want to slap myself silly sometimes... I get like a little kid inside and want to have a temper tantrum and throw a bit of a fit and hope some one will come in and pick up the piece for me and let me off the hook and then make it all easy and I won't have to complete a thing and I'll start expecting this more and more...and then I'll really be in trouble.. So I stick it out and continue on and put on my boots and face the day... I think I'll really have to get myself a part of funky rubber boots soon not the ones that I have that are all Manly and black.. something Girly.. and fun. The symbol of rubbers boots for me have been a connects to get to work and let have some fun now...Some Real Play time!!
Okay, I've done ramble my junk out haven't I now? time to be grown up... I spent a little time with myself and a higher presences in my life and decided I wasn't going to act on the crappy thinking stuff at all, And to keep my day simple and allow things to happen and be present. After the MCS meeting I called home to see if the husband wanted to go with me to Kane County Flea Market...I just decided I was going to do it and go!...(I've wanted to go now for the past two years) He wasn't home and so I asked my second oldest daughter and she wanted to go...(surprising she's one that never wants to do stuff like this) I came home and picked her up and we head out on a little road trip to St. Charles... OMGosh..!!! I had no idea I was going to be in for the crowds of people, but we stuck out the waiting in the van and moved slowly to the field to park... The flood of people and cool stuff was a bit over stimulating for the both of us... I really couldn't look at every booth in the area. But we did some... I had a few extra bucks on me so I ended up purchasing some Yard art. As you can see up above the two birds on a stick... right away Maddie and I thought of the movie Twister where the aunt/artist had the yard art out there and how it moved with the wind... so cool. So it's now in my back yard... I still have to get that turtle from up in Wisconsin... I've become a collector of yard art.. Oh heck why not? I love the rusty stuff out there. So with all this over stimulation I came home and had to sit down and veg a bit you see we we're planning to go out with some friends and have dinner and see a movie... Which we did and saw Clash of the Titan's in 3D... Was a great day despite the thinking garbage I was in the last couple of day... I hear that the Retrograde is off a bit with Gemini now and I sure can relate to that... As they say Hang on... this too shall pass and change is always going to happen. So grateful for that.

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  1. I'm so glad you had an artist date and treated yourself to some great birds! As for the series, they are looking great, years of learning are evident.


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