Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weeds are tamed and paper was sewn

All day long I keep hearing the call to make a book/journal. I'm about finished with the journal I have now and will be looking for new paper to write on. I just let that one go for the most part during the day.. My front bricks and the edge around the big boulders are all nice the inside of the flower beds will need some tender loving care, but the weeds are a bit do small for even grab on to...sounds weird that one would wait to pull weeds but really the little stuff is just to much to pull, as of you don't get anything to grab.
Here is some of the papers I wanted to try sewing...Well it worked as of the polymer is only mixed in to the buff colored papers but the other isn't coated as of yet. but it was like sewing's pretty strong too. I still don't know if I'll use in my piece I'm starting. As it totally changes everything on how I was going to start... but in my class we talked about the point and there may be many that you have to be willing to be to guided by the art itself and see what happens instead of being so ridged. I would like to put some time in on it today and see where it leads me.
I fit in a good walk in the woods, I was gifted with the time alone as of no one else was out there walking the path. Yes a bit hot but beautiful. The bluebirds and the Oriels out there. As I finished up the walk the Great Blue Heron flew over...
Now this morning sitting out back here we had the nice presence of three Green Herons... the noises they were making back and forth could be heard inside the house too. Oh the wild life all around it really amazing.
Darby, our fourlegged house guest is showing signs of a lonely puppy... He's eye's are naturally saggy but just his behavior is down... I do love to see him trot along though..
I announced to the family that I wasn't making dinner and that there were good left overs in the refrigerator so help themselves and I got the itch to make the journal. I measured and torn the papers and used the citra solv papers I made a while back for the cover..nothing fancy just a journal with lots of signatures and pages...I do love my morning pages and need lots of them. I had extra paper and smaller in size and stuffed that in there too but it made the book bump out in the middle section more but Oh well it's my journal and she's got some character already.
I was wishy washy about a choice I need to make and I thought I had more time which I do but I decided yesterday morning that I would not be teaching in the Fall at LaGrange Art League...I've got a few workshops and some out of town stuff going on and the Make your Make journal project that it would have the class stretched out over a four month period and to many gaps for the students... I know I would be lost and drift away... So I will regroup in the Winter session and see what comes from that.. I believe the student are just fine... I've tryed to teach them to explore and experiment and try new things which they have so they will do just fine with out me. And all in all it will give me some time to vamp up my teaching skills too.
Well time to check a few emails and get something going on up stairs in the studio.


  1. OH NO... No class in the fall! We will miss you. Your classes are always informative and inspiring. It's a good idea to take some time to "sharpen your saws" so to speak. I hope you decide to come back in the winter sharp and ready to go! Love the sewen papers. I'm going to try that myself. Happy day! --Jan

  2. I'm glad you're making decisions to not overtax your time!


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