Saturday, May 22, 2010

Visit with my Parents this morning

It's a bit damp this morning but I'm under my back patio umbrella listening to the birds...Every once and awhile the wind kicks up and water on the leaves add a nice morning mist to things... My parents are to visit this morning soon, they live in Wisconsin...In for a doctors visit and staying with my sister. Speaking of doctors visits my youngest daughter was feeling much better with cold but then through the night she started coughing and then the pain in the ear I'll be waiting for the 9:00 hour this morning to call in to get an appointment for her. Poor kido... she had something like this last year around this time...(Hmmm what's going on?)

Plans are to visit and then find out when the doctor appointment will some food shopping for the homestead and then pull artwork out of some frames and put it in plastic selves for bin sales this year... need to rotate the artwork inventory...

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  1. Hope Bernie is feeling better fast! I hear a lot of coughing going around.


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