Friday, May 28, 2010

Some family history and class today.

A bit of shared news.... so funny when you are told stories of your past family history and how things where or you thought they were and then out of the blue something happens and you find out what was told and shared isn't true. I just have to share this cause it's got me thinking and wondering...not sure if I'll find the time to go deeper with it but may send few letters out to ask more quesiton though... Appearently, My great grandfather is from England which that part I thought was true that he was English..duh..little kid and a mind that was imagining things. But from my Aunt Shirely and cousin Doris said my Great Grandfather was Irish/Scottish and polish and my Great Grandma was Polish... I was Wowed... by this... and he owned a shoe business in Scottland...hmmm to wild but born in Russian Poland way back when... Here I was told story that My Great Grandfather was from poland and came over on the boat and they shorten his name to Lein from Leinowski... I really am excited to find out about this but also curious why stories like these were passed down for me to believe...probably just stuff they didn't really know either and made up.. Well I'm excited to find out more but I would like to listen some time to the stories... I hear so much from my husbands side all the time which is a smaller family but I hear all the family stories and I have to admit I feel a bit left out on the my family history...Like I'm missing some really important stuff to make full I'll have to hang out with my cousin more and see what other family secrets and good all around stuff there is to know. You know also it's kind of neat to find this out cause one can imagine even more...what if I was more Scottish and what is that part of history know the people, food and life styles.. well that's something us humans can do and imagine and have some fun with things... I guess you could say we can be anything we want.

So worked with my daughter on postcard and business card stuff and I'm planning on order them this morning I don't think they will be ready for next weekend when I have a exhibit in the Aurora Art walk but you never know.

our house guest,
Darby will be staying till Saturday now... he's kind of fitting in nicely but he's not ours and there is a family that does love him so it will be sad for him to go but great to have a bit lessing of the grief and easing into the acceptance field with our personal lose

I have my class this morning and I've really got to get packed for that... not sure what I'll be working on but I will be showing the class the piece I'm working on now.. and what I plan on doing.. more ideas keep coming and making themself not sure but following the intuitive side of it.

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  1. Maybe I can get a copy of Aunt Shirley's letter of her remembrances. But some time asking elders some questions would be quite intriguing.


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