Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our new couch dweller is staying a few more days

Darby or I should say Mr.Darby is claiming Bernie our youngest daughter as is adopted human in the house...He really gets most excited when she comes in after work and whines when she leaves...He slept on her bed while she was sick... Darby will be with us a few more days though and we don't mind one bit..he seems to fit right in and Sophie our cat is warming up to him.. He still wants to play but she's not sure.. Now our Carl is showing some interesting qualities..He was a manager of the rough housing in the homestead but more so now with Darby. When Darby gets a little playful Carl rushes in and bring peace to the situation...I think it's funny how the personality is coming out of our Carl... we could call him a control freak but I like the manager or the peace maker of the homestead. No meanness just Him coming in and calming the situation or stopping it.. Like a mother doing that between to children.

There you have it... a simple sewing machine. I had intended on doing some awesome straight stitch on some collage papers but went and got myself a headache... so a nap was the better choice.. but today I would like to bring in the thread to the papers...you know give it a straight run and see what happens or if the paper tears... and then add that into my collages... I don't want a quilt look but more so adding the straight stitch in for a new element to the collage pieces. I may end up hand stitching which is fine too.

Here are some collage and painted piece I started way back when and you can see the nice soft green tape around the edges... I would like to bring in small bits of denim. but then that's an idea and not sure where it will fit in...These piece where going to be part of the ICE exhibit but time took me away and never got there...I think it was the focus of the 13 moon series.

And therapy this morning or I might save it for the after dinner thing.. when it's cooler out side. I have these brick as a walk way to the front door of the homestead and they need to be weeded at lest two time during the warmer season and as you can see all the maple seeds have laid themselves nicely between the brick seams which after a few good rains I'll have maples growing there. I'll get my freebie little weeding wagon out that the hubby found at a tear down and scoot my bottom around and weed. It really gives me time to wander in the brain but lets me settle into a nice calmness so it's not so much a chore as it is a much need time for peace.
That's today's plans and not sure if they will all be completed but a good start. Yesterday though I was able to cut the lawn and then take a nice long sweaty walk in the woods but the cottonwood seedlings were all over the place. They call those trees Rustling Trees because of their leaves and the sounds they make. It all felt good...to be live and out side though hot as it was still was a good day.


  1. Mr Darby has served his mission. But it sounds like you are fighting Bernie's virus! Maybe a nap with Mr. Darby today.

  2. No I'm not sick...but the weeding is my therapy that I don't want to go to but when I'm there it's so enlighting that it changes my perspective on life...


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