Thursday, May 13, 2010

OK, I've got no real plan just some guidance here and there.

Here are my last two piece I did in my Abstract Acrylics with a Twist class, I look at the contract of colors from last weeks dark to this weeks light...too funny. And the intenseity of the pieces.. I always enjoy looking at works with lost of space and openness and some day will be working towards that but this is what's coming out now..

Oh, the mess I've made in my studio.. I can't believe my behavior these days... I've just let go of the need to pick up after myself... I'm just creating.. and making good progress with #11 Wolf moon. But today I will be doing double duty with the studio as I would like to work more on the piece but I've got to get my act together for class tomorrow... Awareness in how I do things lately is changing I'm noticing I'm not as good at multi tasking...or it could be that Gemini is finally moving out of retro-grade and then maybe there will be a normalcy but I think not. A new way of thinking might be upon me as of " Girly you've got to cut out the extras and stick to the tasks at hand and accept that" which is find for me... It just might be the guidance I've been getting lately.
Nature has always been a guiding force in my cards and I turn her often. So I share with you this post today.

Elder's Meditation of the Day - May 13

"But the Great Spirit has provided you and me with an opportunity for study in nature's university, the forests, the rivers, the mountains, and the animals which include us."

---- Walking Buffalo, STONEY

What we really need to learn is how to live life. Nature is the greatest university when we want to learn about balance, harmony, the Natural Laws and how to live life. But we will never learn unless we spend time in the "living university." Nature is full of examples, lessons, and exercises about life. Nature will help humans learn. Nature will help humans heal. Nature will help with Medicine, knowledge, and healing. The reason our Elders are so wise is because they have attended the right educational system - nature's university.

Great Spirit, help me to become wise.


  1. I really love the top collage, although I like both. Also love the quote--great way to start the day.

  2. Great prayers to begin fresh. The computer doesn't do justice to the upper piece, so many darks in it not evident. I also kept seeing it vertical, I seem to want to turn it aright.

  3. Holy Moly! but doesn't that meditation fit in with what's been happening in your life lately!! Awesome! And I love the pieces and doesn't it blow your mind how emotions affect your work? I was just wondering how you kept control over pieces that span a period of time. I've started working on something that must be when I'm feeling "blues" and then the next day my head/hands want to paint "greens" and nothing works properly. Ah but then you are an artist. Thank you for your wonderful comment today. Thank you thank you. You are not alone.

  4. Hi Laura,
    Love the top abstract piece. The darks and lights great, like Old Masters. Could see you turning it vertically, they say great creations look wonderful no matter how they're turned.
    Abstract art with a twist. Reminds me of a psychic telling me my future held "Making art with a twist". So this post has me thinking....
    Great meditation, soothing and deep. Words are so powerful.


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