Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Many things to do and reflection on Art Chicago 2010

I needed to pick up my art work in the city yesterday and figured since I was there what else could I see or do? Art Chicago....duh.. I had seen that coming and just nix it from ever thinking I would do that and who would go with me? Well, I asked my oldest daughter..and she had a list a mile long to tend to so.... I ended up going by myself. Picked up the homestead a bit and added some image transfers to the piece I'm working on now and coated them and I was off on the road with my GPS and other information to pick up my one piece... I had a art acquaintance share a free friend pass with me for the Art Chicago which I printed off. OMGosh what a wonderful experience to see the art from all around the world from different galleries I was surprised by the work that is out there being shown.. I could have see the exhibit Next down on the Seventh floor but I had to go and pick up my work. A second first for me this years as of the first one was to drive to Door County and the second one was to go to see the Art Chicago... I'm still on a bit of high from seeing all the wonderful artwork. I have a list of artist that I was attracted to and going to do some more research about them and their styles and methods.


  1. I can see your wheels turning!

  2. Awesome! So glad you heeded the call for the artist date.

  3. Filling the well. Sounds great.

  4. It truly was a welling filling experience.


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