Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I won an award!!!

I received an email from the eblast company I work with Vertical Response. How cool is that? (The award is on the side bar) well I'm waiting for a new header for the next eblast I'm sending out. My daughter is juggling all this stuff between working her full time hours now...Yipee for her she is now a full time empolyee at Whole Foods... so with that all too she as up loaded my site...take a pick Laura Lein-Svencner still needs a little tweeking here and there, plus I've got a person looking over the typo O's and grammer stuff so, it will be changes still but you get the idea... let us know what you think...My Web Ranger has had to pull things out of hat to get it work right, so much stuff I surely don't understand at all. But she's done it... She saids she really needed a more updated version of what she has so she can keep up on things...
Well the Enterpreneurship Connection Seminar was really motovational I really liked the speaker Jim Allen and his company Jim Allen production right out of Aurora. He is a creative thinker who has gotten thinking about a different approach to things. Not that I don't always have a different approach and people question that but a good positive feeling to it all.

There are more to come and they will let us know.

Not day I'm meeting with a few woman artist and we are going to watch the movie "who does she think she is? I was blown away by it and I have to admit it stirred some stuffed emotions that must need to be looked at in me lately... well I looking forward to it and want to have some good discussion with the women artist today.

so off to do some computer stuff and get ready... it's to be sunny today!!


  1. The new site is very nice! Good work.
    I'm not real keen on the partial views of work though, don't have time to open them all and makes it a guessing game which shots to enlarge.
    Congrats on the marketing excellence!

  2. Doing the dance of joy for you :) congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations Laura! And took a peek at your website too - very nice!

  4. The image on websites mostly made to be thumbnails size and then when you look upon them you get a large view of them...they will load faster too when bring up the site...well for most people..

    still in the works...more behind the scene stuff going on then one can imagine.


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