Friday, May 14, 2010

Collage class today

This is our 5th week already and only 3 left. We will be sharing out exercises collages with each other, small critique and a little party mid-way through the class. I've taught this with alittle more thought provoking then my other classes... Most of the people in the class have been with me for a while and I feel it safe to push them a bit further then usually. Not everyone likes it and that's Okay but others them to thrive on it... I would like to discuss the difference of a well planned out piece verses intuitively working on art. Which do they like to work with?

I'm going to bring in my large clayboard and some ideas I have and been toying with to help them get a jump start on things.. then the next weeks it's down to business working each week on what we decided to start with and how it will change.

Personal note:
Our little fourlegged little buddy is missing his big's really sad but amazing about how animals grieve too. Carl would bring in the paper after Louie would carry to the front door they would do the hand off and then this crazy in house dance every morning. Now the husband brings in the paper and passes it to Carl but he drops his head and turns it away... Oh we will get through but still hurts.

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