Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What a walk in the woods can do~

Gemini, sign of the twins

When I give out ...as in my classes and workshops I need to replenish my mind, body and soul. The past weekend was so great and I'm so grateful for how it all turned out, but that doesn't mean I wasn't effected by it and the feeling of brain and body drain has hit.. I am aware better this year for some reason then last... I think it's the acceptance of my job situation.. that I'm duel personalities and duel job roles. (born under the sign of Gemini it's a trait that stands strong in me.) I remember fight the many hats I wore in the homestead and little did I know that was "normal" of being a Mom..but then somewhere down the road, I started to find me again and not to say anything against being a mom that something that is so specially it would take a different post to talk about. But finding my true self that's been there all along... being a artist, teacher and someone that inspires people to live..Sound all big of me here but it's a gift I've found in myself and I cherish it dearly... and don't want to abuse it. So back to replenishing my energy supplies the things I need to do and that are most important and that's connecting with the earth in some way or form... I could have did the land mind detailing in the back yard from the deposits of the two four leggeds, then cut the lawn but I needed more... Walking in the woods is my medicine my personal battery recharger... seeing only a few humans out there but they are always of good spirit I walk and I'm away from the business of suburban life.. I bring my thoughts of other days that seem to pile up and leave them at the beginning of the path by the bridge and I walk. I walk forward into the present now hearing the birds and the leaf sounds of a squirrel, chipmunks or a robin. My eyes and mind are brought to now what is right in front of me... leaving all the extra baggages behind... Even though I was still bit off kilter yesterday from all the good and great activities this weekend I was filled with bliss all around me.. Possibilities, opportunities and ideas start to flow in and I'm right where I so grateful love to be..


  1. So.., is that your collage of the twins? So good to hear you continue to get to the woods.

  2. Oh this is a picture for the My Daily OM ... I would like to do something like that someday as of a series...


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