Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In process-#10 Moon of Falling leaves

This piece is in process and it's come together nicely... I see that the color palette is one I personal feel at home with most often... the rich earth colors..but the blue is another passionate color for me.. that color has not be called upon in this piece... I will share the store as it comes to completion. I happy to put the reds in there with the oranges.. as the series is progressing in itself I'm seeing that I'm really pushing the color combo's too. I was walking yesterday after working on this piece in the morning and I realized come June I'll be working on this series for a year....I was awe struck by that one... I've never done that with my attention span, that is totally amazing for me... I'm one that aggressively attacts my work and if a series is to be done then I'm on... But this series was never intend to be worked on one at a time each month...13 moons as there are in a year.. but it is happening that way...

On Sunday I had a bad case of the lonelies... don't know if anyone else ever gets that...not the oh poor Me's and sitting on the pitty pot kind of deal..but more like a stream of lonely feeling... I'm glad it passed by the end of the evening... feeling odd about it I move into the next day active as ever like I wasn't hit with it... then yesterday I totally wanted a day to myself... and with that I did act on that. Spent a lot of time just reconnecting in my grounding way of walking in the woods and being in the studio... Back out to the yard for some weeding and was gifted with my son cutting the lawn... I usually cut the lawn and I don't mind it, so when he started in the front yard I was so surprised... and then finished the back too.

Our home had a bit a crises on Monday so my plans where changed up a bit as I was baby sitting a leaking hot water heater tank all day.. dripping lots of water all over.. I had left the dishes pile up from Sunday only to have no hot water on Monday.. by the afternoon I had to heat up some water and do them by hand... now I have no problem with that at all. I kind of was grateful that I had the know how, which didn't take much to do it. Girls Scouts and also living under construction in most of my homes as I grow up and here in this house I work with what I have. The Husband is the man.. he was able to put a new one in Monday night... his bosses gave us the new Hot water heater... so much gratitude for that. We had sticker shock as to the cost of a new 50gallon hot water heater...lets say Ouch!
So off I go now to the studio to work more on the Moon of Falling Leaves
Living life fully and with bliss, engaging every turn..

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  1. It's beautiful! And good to hear about the new hot water heater.
    I meant to call you on Sunday. Should have.


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