Monday, April 19, 2010

Huts Up

It took me a while to get off my seat this morning but when I got it in gear I was off and out the gates... as you can see the tent going up. The bear is always the top part...when I'm doing it on my own the arms are not as long as they need to be. But I did it and she's up... While putting the hut/tent up I feel so at home, yes I know it's my own back yard but there was a different feeling. This may sound funny but I've been doing this for 6 years now and as the trees start to pop their leaves and the maples form their seedlings, I'm also pitching the tent just part of the cycle of the season change.. The sounds are so comforting to be out there I do look forward to making the papers. I put the word out for a used beater... don't expect anything right away, more so in a few years to come.. but right now I use the Oster to chop up my plant fibers(after they've been cooked that is) It works for my needs right now. I made many trips in and out of the house to bring the other papermaking tools, molds and deckles out to the tent.. you see I store it under the stairs during off season. Funny how it all packs nicely away then you bring it out and there you go so much stuff but all good.
After taking care of that I did need to do the food shopping and wanted to fit in a walk. I made it one time around (2miles) and decided not to push the issue of to much exercise in one day, with pitching the tent that was a 2 hour project. And I also wanted to get up stairs to the studio so have to pace myself.
When I made it to the studio, I decided to do some more cleaning and got rid of a lot of the cardboard boxes that I thought I would need and all there were doing was taking up space so cut that down and got it ready for recycling. I was able to coat a few more papers and create some stain tissue papers. I need to make some really strong fall color for #10 of the series-13 moons on turtles back. I do have to put a move thing on these... the only new works I've done now for the pass months have been these besides the class projects.... I'm ready to be done with this...but can't stop as I'm going down hill and almost done so I'm cracking the whip on myself..


  1. I know you're excited, and can't wait to see the beautiful papers coming out of there!

  2. Oh, please be kind to yourself! Ease it all in to some down days in the hut or studio.

  3. Yippee; a sure sign of the season just like when the robins arrive. The hut is up! I agree w/ Doris. Don't neglect yourself.

  4. Thanks girls for caring... Yes I do tend to the care of myself..with the weather nicer but a bit still chilly I've been sitting on the patio enjoying my lunches making it a point to sit and have that time to relax and enjoy the moments...Lets say when the energy is high I bust a move when it's low which is not very often I crash... and it' usually only a evening is doing diddly squat that will recoup me.


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