Friday, April 09, 2010

Collage Collective-McCord Gallery-Reception April 9th 2010

I posted the postcard, designed by my daughter, we wanted a little bit of all of us and with out crowding the card with major imagery we used this idea from an exhibit I was in a couple years back... Human Artfaks... traveled all over the world.. Even came here to Lemont when Alice Chin had her gallery Artful Gatherings... but to get back on to topic here.. Tonight is the Reception for the exhibit.. from 6-8:30pm Stop by it's going to be great, McCord Gallery
Now back to Yesterday.. My oldest the one who is a Graphic Designer, Stevie has made it safely to New Jersey on the Amtrak, 20 whole hours of sitting on a train..well, she can get up and move around... this has been a dream of hers every since she was little.. Grandma would take her for small train rides but this was what she wanted to do. She knew it would be long but had to move forward on her own list of things she wants to do.. I'm happy for her but was a bit worried.. mother things you know.. so.... deep breath she is there... and safe. She will be flying home next Wednesday so that will be another day to worry about.. hmm where did I hear this...(Worry is a false sense of control) boy its the truth in my book... I can't control every out come so I worry... like that's going to do anything.. all it does is churn my stomach...or make me look for food to stop from feeling. I'm very grateful I had the packing to do for the workshop yesterday as it keep mind where it needed to be and heart in my higher spirits hands...
So now I'm packed up and need to write out my agenda so I have some guidelines of what I'm going to do on Saturday morning.. the plan is to bring all the supplies tonight so that I can bring them in and pre-set up the gallery space for the workshop.. but when I make a plan I always have to leave that wiggle room for flexibility with the people I work with... another deep breath...
(hmmm I'm going to have this deep breathing thing down pat aren't I?
I will be working in the studio this morning a bit to finish up my ATC...didn't feel it in me to finish that up yesterday.. needed a bigger fire like one day left to do this and I'd better bust a move on it... kind of my reaction button being pushed here...


  1. Hooray!! It's working today!! Whatever you did, it did the trick!!

  2. Be careful who you share your worries with, there are those who like to ignite that flame. Like when RC was hiking in the Appalachians, people thought they needed to remind me of horrors that might happen. I needed to stay with the adventure and experience he'd always have. Thank God I trust and believe in Him first.


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