Friday, April 30, 2010

Class today

Starting with Janet in the back and moving to Pam, Sue, Turkan with her back to us and Joanne.
Barb and Jeanne exploring new ideas on the tissue paper using the stamping and printing tools from last week.

One of the many paper corners on the floor. We need the space to let them dry out.

Her is Sue's interesting tissue paper.. I will be exciting to see how she uses that.

Linda businees working the coffee ground paint into the tissue papers.

Jake is Melinda's son and he had a day off of school and came to class today with his mom..we were very surprised to see the artist working on his piece... I think he had about three different pieces going. He's got a great sense of color already.

Eve adding the stain to the tissues papers.

Barb using her Crayola Kids stuff for print on her tissue papers... she always have great things to share in class.

Sue letting the stain drip down on the papers.. makes for some great papers.

Janet had a really nice color coming out here on her string tissue paper.

Jeanne's paper

Dianne and Joanne are Twin sisters and I alway enjoy see what they make.. I have to say sorry for the other pictures I took and didn't post... got a bit jiggly and they didn't work as well. So if you don't see yourself I try better next week.. and not try to be so quick with it.
Well off to read for a bit and calm the mind.

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  1. Just a whirl of activity happening there! Everyone appears deep into the process!


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