Friday, April 23, 2010

Class today-LaGrange Art League Part 2.

Citra Solv paper, using Nat. Geo. Magazines only..
Citra Solve with plastic wrap on the surface and let dry or use a hair dryer.

Citra Solv paper, with Nat.Geo. Magazines... works great but you can change the look by which way you pull the papers apart. some cool effects..we are all in awe at what happened.

Using the toe nail cushion glued to the wooden block and also the paper clips glued to the block we were able to create some fun collage papers. Not sure what I will use this paper for but I'm building my inventory.

Using the wire wrapped around the dowel rod I rolled it in the acrylic paint that added a bit of polymer to so that it won't dry so dare fast... you see Acrylic's are made for printing...they do make block printing inks that are wash soluble but we know that and broke the rules...hehehe it worked.

this is a sheet of parchment printed black on one side with the blue rolled on with the brayer on the other side..I add a bit of water to the acrylics and the polymer to get it to stretch and cover easier. The shinness is from the coating of polymer I put on already for when I use the heat seal iron..
Here is a sheet of the Sketch book paper, as thick as watercolor and will tear nice or cut nice later when used in collage.. I rolled on two different colors first in the back ground.. yellow let dry and then the lime green.. let that dry from there I stamped the different shapes.. the square shape with the lines is a furiture coaster... when you turn it upside down you see the lines..kind of cool.. again I don't know what I will use this for not.. I usually for myself create papers for what I needing them for. And then there are the times when I go and have fun and just do what ever..


  1. Well, these papers are quite inspirational. Maybe pull them out when you are in between projects.

  2. Totally WOW, have you ever inspired me...I just found the citra solv and tried it out on photos...neat sketch look to it. Not sure what to use to make it water proof to use on cloth...Your artistic work is fab. Now I need to find some National Geographic Mags as well. Some of your work could be a backdrop for scrapbook pages, personalized cards, framed, I wish I had half your imagination.


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