Monday, April 05, 2010

A bit grey outside the window this morning

I'm a blue girl, but the grey is the next color I seem to be attracted to as of lately... I noticed even wearing clothes where of a grey choice... Hmm what's that all about? don't know.. We are due for some major thunder beings this evening..Oh I love them dearly... and we have a little drissle left over from last nights passing still here... it's to become sunny later today so I plan on a walk then... Today I'm to put my Workshop Packet together. I need to make major copies of stuff and punch the holes and do the assemblage of it all. Then the rest of the week little by little I pack up... I will be calling McCord Gallery to get a heads up on the final count of workshop students... I plan on packing up the van on Friday Night of the reception and come later and stay around so that I can help set up the workshop and then come in the next day for the workshop and not be so stressed... Don't you love how I have it all plotted out... I do leave room for flexibility though... I always think what if I get majorly know with how I have things all planned out and then what... but for this moment I will let it pass and pray it all works out and it usually does with great surprises.. (can you tell I'm working on my anxiety better)
I finally put my eblast together and it's not very fancy but it's to the point and with some images too. So that's off the big list hanging on the ice box... So funny don't know if any of you have had this situation but with a house of 6 we were worried for the morning as the toilet paper was so low we might have had a problem... but the son has stashed it under the sink in the back... false alarm... Well enough with my ramblings... I've got some phone calls and then back up to the studio progress is happening pretty quickly with the Moose Calling Moon piece #9...


  1. I don't mind running out of most things but I HATE running out of toilet paper. Glad you found the stash at the back of the cupboard.

  2. Yep, I obsessively stock the TP.


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