Thursday, March 11, 2010

Road Trip to Wisconsin

It's early then usually and I'm getting my email fix before I head out to Wisconsin.. I had planned on visiting my Dad but I learned last night after dinner when my step mom called that my dad is not feeling well at all... Bronchitis, he's on med's but is not feeling well at all. My oldest Daughter is come with and she's got a slight cold so... so we are not going to stop up there... for sure it will have to be soon to go and see them... I only hope the med's can kick in so this doesn't turn worse... some fear there being my father lungs are the strongest as he's a smoker..which the doc wants him to quit too. So Road Trip up to Wisconsin to see Whispering Woodlands. Rain is to come in later in the day but we may be heading back before being we are visiting my dad.
I sent out a packet to The Flying Pig Gallery in Wisconsin yesterday... I guess I'm testing the waters to see what's up.. and what can happen...
well filling up water jug and packing some snacks for the road... see if my oldest is up and ready..


  1. We've been in The Flying Pig a couple of times when going to Door County a few years back. Loved that shop!

  2. Have a great trip! Your Dad will be ok, needs to quit that smoking... remember how bad a cold got when we used to smoke? I'll send some prayers out there.

  3. Yes, the Flying Pig is a marvelous place, nice and quirky. I love Door County and used to spend time there every summer as a kid. Haven't been there in several years, but loved stopping at Flying Pig the last few times I visited. Would love to see your work there! Come to think of it, I'd love to see MY work there! (smile)

    Hope you have a safe trip and that your Dad feels better soon.

  4. Good luck with the Flying Pig!!! It seems like a perfect fit to me! Very cool place!!

  5. Hi all sounds like I submitted to a great place... I know I like the view on the site and yes Jerri you should submit you work too.

  6. Oh it's been 12 years that I quit and it's been one of the best gifts I gave back to myself... extra life... Yes I remember and it's so nice not to cough like that or smell like the smoke.


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