Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Progress in the Studio

I was able to put all the supplies away in the studio from the workshop... I think I need a bigger space.. or cut back on somethings, but that's another day. I was able to put some time in on the one piece I'm working on and give another piece a coat of varnish... I need to put more time in this week on these pieces so the varnish coats have time to dry.. one of them I'll have to do the spray thing on it has some pastels and found objects which make it hard coat..

So all morning long while cleaning I heard/on the news about the terrible thing that happen in Darien to a family that lives in the Suburbs of Tara Hill... 6 people..Mother, Father and Son were killed and two other children escaped of theirs and one young girl that was a friend.. they still don't know who did one saw it who did it... so wild... Well that's next to the woods that I always walk in so that all hit a fear button in me but by the afternoon I decided to go over to there to see if I could get in to the place where I park.. nope couldn't do it.. so I parked in a different place and walked in the woods.. the forest rangers where out there clearing the area, which they have been doing all winter long.. makes it different every time I go out there the landscape changes as you can see more an more... Just one heck of a different kind of day...
Oh I purchased a button maker (1" size) and I will be making some button and playing around with that.. My oldest daughter Stevie is in heaven with it... (my graphic designer) everyone else could care less.. but it really brought out the giddy side in me... As the evening approached I chatted with a kinder spirit...Sandra Bacon, artist and one who works for Golden Paints and Products. She is a wealth if inspiration with all that she does...Mural...outdoor art...workshops and her jewelry too.. it was a great chat.. She's teaching a class this weekend at Water Street Studio Gallery.. I'm really thinking on stop up there and taking a class but schedule is tight..(thinking out loud) but I could do it.. I would like to take the next one but I have a Reception I'm putting on that day for the Paper Bundle show.. so will have to wait for another one..

Much to do today and needing to move off the stool to do it.
Living life fully and with bliss


  1. So glad your life is full of bliss :)

  2. Well, if you take a class all the way out there, I may have to find a way to join you!


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