Friday, March 26, 2010

Making some books today

I found myself lost in the studio...a good kind of lost. My son cut up all the wood I bought the other day when I had a fun time at the hardware store. So after adding a bit of some small size elements to my Wild Rice Moon piece I quickly when in and added another coat of polymer... I needed one more then I can start to varnish it.. I looked at the one book I just received and all the cool things you can use for create prints on paper. Between that and making some grey papers for the next piece I was lost in bliss... cleaning up and also making copies for the workshop on Wednesday I have with the college out in Sugar Grove I mentally was thinking of the process I'll work with them..being I have only 21/2 hours to work this all out.. so everything is cut to size and very basic but the will get the hang of it or at lest the technique...and hopefully wanting more.
I also was cutting up stuff and packing for this morning...I'm getting together with a handful of artist friends to recreate the Coptic stitch book..."Book binding" I just love making books like this and it seem a few of us just didn't connect all the way with the process, so we are getting together this morning.. Then I might take a road trip out to Aurora to see Cheryl's studio.. She's working on a big commission piece and would like me to see it.. Hmmm can I fit it all in.. I feel like a bit of a kid with all that I want to do in one day.


  1. If anyone can I bet you can. You're a whirlwind of positive energies. Loving it!

  2. hated to miss that day of learning this book! Marge has promised to do it with me.

  3. If you get a chance watch the You tube on the coptic stitch that Jerri sent out it will give you a good visual and then when you do it you can understand it a bit better. Love making them...


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