Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's time to move on.

#8 Wild Rice Moon, 24 x 24 collage on canvas
Sun Shines Bright, Moon #7 24 x 24 collage on canvas

Strawberry Moon #6 24 x 24 collage on canvas

Changes are the for sure... you can count on that happening..... And I think I need to realize that the small group (really a larger group of about 25 but only a few take part) I've been leading with the help of others is losing it's getty up... I think the Horses are all up and run off and started to live their own lives as creatively as they can...(which is so wonderful) Or their board out of their gourds doing the same old thing again and again..that is the artist way book together... I'm one of few that continue to do it's kind of a personal measure to see my progress creatively and also to stay on my own true north or personal good orderly direction. I will continue the course the next three weeks. It's time for change for me... I know what works and motivates me to seek my own personal passions so I will continue them but I have to face the reality that things have a way of dying out and out living their beginnings... time to move on. We are to read the Gift from the Sea and Woman who run with Wolves, which might just Jazzx it up a bit.. Also I'm sure the group is tried of listening to my rants and raves about things now way to long... it might be too that they feel that I might be converting them? which gosh no I'm not trying to do at all. I guess just from my own experience I share what's working and must get to excited about it and over shower them... so My reality is to move on also... These gals I've been working with in classes and shows know for along time and not that friendships will die it...its just time... if I sound sad I am a bit but I'm also very happy for all the gals that their really making things happen for themselves... best walk away went it's going good as of so much growth.
I'm almost done with Wild Rice Moon...there are a few things I need to add, small but still needs to be placed in there... the piece are growing..this is number #8, #7, and #6. Canvas is coated once and needs another coat today and I'll need to make some papers for #9 so hopefully I'll be in that process today. I really need to get all 13 done as I would like to get prints of these, at lest before my summer shows come up in July soon time to bust a move.


  1. I am loving these!! Can't wait to see them ALL!! The colors are just...WOW!!!....can't even find the right word!! But I am a person who loves blue and loves bears so....these really do it for me!!!

  2. I love the new work Laura. Change can be painful or bittersweet, but leaves room for growing. Can't wait to see where you grow in the future!

  3. I think I feel the upcoming loss more than you do! And you're wrong about us being tired of listening to you. It's actually what motivates me to know that as good as you are you still have the same concerns we do. I won't post the same long post here as I did in the other blog but I also want to say your Moon series is beautiful. Even in the small electronic shots you can sense the stories and emotions they tell. I've stood in front of your works at Water Street & McCord and they are strong pieces. I can only imagine what these "feel" like in person.

  4. thanks girls... I do feel an energy that guides me through these piece and I know I have to be true to that... I have to see it to the end.. (bittiing on this like a pit bull)

  5. Laura, your pieces are so beautiful. You've captured the theme of each perfectly. The colors are striking and each has so much depth. Really makes me want to learn the story behind each. And you know how saddened we are to lose our leader. You must know how much you have given us and continue to do so. I hope too that somehow we can continue with the gift from the sea. I know we will all always continue to be supporters of one another and have continued friendship. And you've done that!

  6. April, when I complete the series there will be the story from the book on the back of each one and when I display them I'll have with them too. I'm going to get prints done... Have to take these three plus one more in to be shot at Osio Brown.. soon. then that's 8 done and 5 more to go... what a journey are taking me on.. longest time I've spent on a series...

  7. Really looking great!


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