Tuesday, March 02, 2010

First Place at Mayslake Peabody Estate exhibit

Courage Basin, Recycled Skateboard substrate, artists tissue papers stained, some with string some without, magazines altered with Nevr Dull and Polymer resist, old book pages, brown Kraft papers altered with gesso resist and acrylic layers, all papers are coated with Golden's Polymer Medium(gloss) then heat fused to the skateboard substrate. Old type writer letters added with hot foil accents. all protected with a UV satin Varnish.. This piece was purchased for a permanent collage with the Norris Gallery, in St. Charles IL.
Ancient Messages, Brown Kraft papers with gesso resist and coats of acrylics layered to desired color, handmade papers, old book pages, tar gel mixed with black acrylics, artist tissue papers stained with image transfer of short hand books and words. Bead were added and sealed with UV satin varnish. Just won First Place at Mayslake Peabody Estate, Memory Exhibit with the Midwest Collage Society.. Closing reception March 6th 10-12pm
A full day of driving but all artwork is home save and with added surprises.. I received 1st place for my piece Ancient Messages and a skateboard of mine was purchase to be part of the permanent collect of Norris Gallery... I was just shocked to find this out.. and felt very honored too.. I had wanted to fit a walk in but just to much excitement and still more to the day to deal with so I went home and unloaded the art work and a bit of food from the market... after that the dishes need to be done(everyone comes and goes in the homestead and I'm the lucky one that gets the gift of grounding) and dinner needed to be made before I headed out for my last computer class... wow I was tapped... but all good stuff.. I look forward to a calmer day .. I have some plans but not sure if they will all come through.. top job is to put away all the workshop stuff.. and get a move on some of the pieces I've started in my class and finish them...especially the paper bundles... Then on to #8 canvas is coated, images are gathered, nothing to do but do it..


  1. Congrats on both pieces! Well deserved!

  2. Congratulations on the first place. And a piece purchased as part of the permanent collection, WOW WOW WOW!!!!! You go girl. Great to see!

  3. thanks Sweetie :)

  4. Fantastic news, but I am not surprised as these pieces are fantastic! You are really in a groove. Good for you :-) So well deserved.

  5. Thanks Mary Beth :)


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