Thursday, March 04, 2010

Being Willing to be Open..

I'm needing to walk away... but stay close.. does that make sense... as our friends down under might say..I'm feeling like it's time for a walk-about'. Be it the part of our society that is in Lent now or because the change of season is upon us but the need to do a little self discovery is strong and upon me... Maybe it's a vacation for a few days from the simple act of doing... The question will come and I'm sure that it will lead to a connection that I have no idea I will come upon. I feel like saying I'm Open to learn fill me with some insightful stuff..none to big just a new perspective and change of attitude is all... I really don't have to go anywhere just adjust the mind a bit and fine tune it to listen and be open... I feel that I've put myself in a role of leadership as being a teacher etc... and now it's time for me to be the student for a while... there now I like that perspective... I'm a willing party on my list today.. so as I write this I tell myself it's time babe to get off and on with living...
Tootles all~

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  1. How about creating something without any initial intention of when or where you will exhibit it? Just flow...


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