Saturday, February 13, 2010

Woods Medicine this morning.

Off to bundle up and head to the woods... I love to see the prints in the snow.. the raccoons takeing the same path over and over what a lovely site and it's so cool and crisp.. My fish tank is cleaned and now the pantry.. those darn little moths that come in the dry goods have made a home in the pantry... sounds ugly but part of life sometime so it will be on schedule for today..


  1. Those moths don't like bay leaves so put some in your pantry. They also say to put the dry goods in the freezer for awhile (if you can) and that kills any unhatched ones. Never tried it myself. Its just stuff I heard hehehe

  2. I put my baking flour in the freezer all the time! Same with birdseed not in use. There are bay leaves in my pantry, maybe I should spread some outside the jar.


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